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"maxsix" proclaim themselves Surrealistic Brands.

Surrealistic Images on Realistic Clothes.

The temptations of extraordinariness veil every lives.

We aim to give birth to each clothes elaborately with an innovative perspective on the notion of clothes.

As for the unique visual experience, both the modern art and the classic art are combined dexterously into the unprecedented graphical images, then our special printing technic creates the world of Surrealism.

Designer Profile


Painting artist, graphic designer, film director, creative director.

2005-  designer of the mens brand "SMO"

2009-  established "MIX SENSE Kabushiki Kaisha"

present-designer of "MIX SENSE" and "ONEMADE"


Group Brand


ONEMADE is a handmade brand which  the secondary process of hand work is done by the artist.  

He is particular about the details of that product: comfortability,  beauty of the silhouette.

It is completely different from the brand which remake the used clothing.  

He creates a special only one item of the world by painting, printing, and stiching like a designing 1 by 1.

He stared oil painting from when he was 7 yrs., and he palyed an active part in graphic designm film direction before be launch his own apparel brand.

ONEMADE is the art which you can wear.  The art, everyday clothes you can walk along.

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